Thursday, February 28, 2008

Finally...a post!

I do have to apologize for being missing in action for so long. January was kind of my month off. I took the time to finish up a few personal items (that if left unattended, would have dragged ANOTHER year). And next thing I know, a few meetings here...a wedding's already the end of February! I missed posting about Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. So I guess this will be the beginning of a few 'catch up' posts. =) And I promise I will do my China Trip review (geesh..if I wait any longer, I might as well post about my next big trip!).

Great news is this year is looking VERY exciting. I have a couple of out-of-town brides, brides planning their wedding at private residences (always my fav), couple of good friends getting married, an impending proposal, and finally, I'm going to be a bridesmaid! OH THE FUN we're going to have!

I'll keep this post short ~flexing my posting muscles~I promise to keep up! And keeping with the theory (post without picture is no post at all). Here's a picture of me, my BIL, and my in laws on the steps of Yunnan University, China.

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