Thursday, December 25, 2008


Wishing everyone a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Can you believe it's almost 2009?!

Here's some pictures from my recent trip to Atlanta to visit my best friend from high school!

At the World of Coco-Cola

Stone Mountain Park

Shopping area in Downtown Atlanta

This picture was from a few years ago when she was a bridesmaid at my wedding! None of my DIY projects would have come to fruition without her help!

Have a GREAT HOLIDAY and see you next year!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I can't believe it's already that time of the year ~ HOLIDAY SEASON!!! Wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Myra of Twigs & Honey

I'M BACK!!!! I had a wonderful relaxing vacation. Just finally caught up on all my mail and wanted to leave a quick note to let everyone know that I arrived back safely. I'll be doing a trip review soon (PROMISE). I'll break them down to more 'manageable' parts. :)

But first off, I just got these pictures of Wendy & Marshall's wedding from Michael Norwood Photography and wanted to post a few pictures of the hair adornment made by the talented Myra from Twigs&Honey

Fabric from the bridesmaid dresses were sent to Myra and she created three distinctive pieces incorporating the material. 

Myra created elegant blush orchids for the bride's hair

I LOVE Myra's spotted feathers so I ask her to include some in my piece

Here's another shot of the orchids as the Bride dances with her father

We received so many compliments on the flowers all night

Myra is pretty busy and isn't currently taking custom orders at this time. But for brides with wedding dates a little later this year or next year should definitely contact her soon. As for the rest of us, we have to wait for the rare listing of items not reserve for brides. :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Celebrating our 3rd anniversary!!!

After whirlwinds of weddings...Hubster and I are off on vacation to celebrate our 3rd year wedding anniversary! I will be out of the office till the second week of October. I'm not sure of my Internet connection so please be patient with my response to emails.

We're heading to GREECE!

I am so excited! This is actually going to be a 'relaxing' vacation. What can I do on the island of Santorini for five whole days? I guess I'll have to lounge on the beach! :P

Here's a quick itinerary of our trip:

The first part of the vacation will be a bit ambitious ~ driving from one end of Crete to the other. Flying in to Chania, Crete ~ here's a picture of the old Venetian Harbor

Driving to the western most part of Crete ~ Falassrna, Kissamos

Heading east to the capital of Crete ~ Heraklion

Then ferry to the island of Santorini for five blissful days

Next up, Paros, the 'poor man's Mykonos'

And finally ending the trip in Athens

I can't wait! I will make sure to drink lots of white wine, eat lots and lots of lamb, honey & yogurt, calamari, and anything else I can get my hands on. AND I promise to come back with a full report (unlike last year's China trip).

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Nga & Andrew's Wedding

My Nga and Andrew are the sweetest couple. They're both teachers ~ which I've always admire...we need more people like them to teach so kids have a better chance for their future. The couple got married in July and just recently returned from their honeymoon in South America. My Nga and I grabbed lunch to catch up and I can't believe it, she bought a gift for me from her honeymoon! For her to thought of me and might I say 'wasted space in her suitcase' to bring me something, I was completely touched! Here are some pictures from their photographers from Magic Eye Photography.

An engagement pic of the sweet couple...

Look at My Nga's beautiful bouquet by her florist Dodie from Brassavolas. Dodie was a pleasure to work with and he has such great energy and creativity! I was amazed by the size of the peonies used throughout the wedding...each flower was the size of my hand!!!

My Nga with her sister and mother in the traditional Vietnamese gown. My Nga is so bless to have such an amazing family. Her sister was tremendous help with the guests since I didn't speak Vietnamese.

Andrew giving Nga a kiss on her cheeks during the tea ceremony

My Nga in her beautiful custom wedding gown walking down the aisle with her father

Not only did they have a LARGE guest list (whopping 500 ppl!), they also had a pretty large wedding party

The whole room was draped in ivory satin with amber up lights lighting from behind, dark brown satin linens for table and chairs, ivory napkin with the menu in English and Vietnamese (Nga is so thoughtful!), traditional wooden dolls in clear box with ribbon as favors, and of course...the magnificent manzanita branch centerpiece. The whole effect was dramatic and elegant.

A closer look at the centerpiece with the 'staged' sweetheart table in the background

And here's their delicious cake from Cinderella Cakes

A happy ever after...

My Nga & Andrew, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day. Your family and friends were so warm and welcoming and I was overwhelmed by their embrace. I know with the strength of your bond to each other and the support of your families, you two will have an amazing life together!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

One HOT couple ~ Carrie & Seth

I'm busy...but when I saw these pictures of Carrie & Seth's epic session, I couldn't NOT post about them. Aren't they gorgeous?!! Carrie and Seth are crazy HOT couple and their amazing photographer Tara Rochelle was able to capture their HOTNESS! :) 

Carrie looks a little like Courtney Cox, but prettier of course! 

This picture shows their personality to a T ~not only crazy/sexy/beautiful ~ but quirky and fun as well.

Ahhh...this picture is so tender!

I love the different color and texture backgrounds Downtown LA offers...


Amazing lighting

I love love love shoe shots!

Isn't she LOVELY...

Seth's not so bad himself...

And these two lovelys are a couple after my own heart...they're getting married at STONE MANOR! After almost 3 years, I'm back at the location I got married at! I can't wait!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Short but sweet....(hopefully)

I know I've been missing forever....but I am swamped with weddings. I was finally able to upload the pictures from Wendy's Bridal Shower (I know, it's almost 2 MONTHS ago!). At least I posted eye candy! :P Photos courtesy of Jonilyn Photography...don't things just look so much better through the professional lens. :)

Diddy Reese cookie favors

Tissue poms

Painted wooden numbers for tables

Ribbon place card board

One of my favorite moments when the Groom came by to surprise the Bride...she was in disbelief!

Picture of the lovely couple
The wishing tree was pretty popular!
White sangria awaited guests on a hot summer day
And finally...girls that made the day possible.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More sample centerpieces...

I love sample centerpieces...they give you a glimpse of what's to come.

The first one was created by Dodie Sy of Brassavolas Floral Couture. Isn't it gorgeous?! The reception room is going to be draped with satin brown linen, soft amber lighting, and intermittent tall and short centerpieces.

Here's a close up of the flowers. They're such VIBRANT shades of pink and orange.

The second sample centerpiece is the creation of the talented Kate from Kate Baker Floral Design. I have heard about her and seen many of her creations and am so happy I finally get to work with her. This brides is also going with satin brown linen but her colors are shades of bring pink to light pink. This arrangement is made with pink hydrangeas, roses, spray roses, pink dahlias, green berries, snap dragons and more! I love the delicate calla lilies in the vase. Kate is going to 'shape' the callas so it curves a bit more.

I can't wait...both these weddings are right around the corner!