Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Celebrating our 3rd anniversary!!!

After whirlwinds of weddings...Hubster and I are off on vacation to celebrate our 3rd year wedding anniversary! I will be out of the office till the second week of October. I'm not sure of my Internet connection so please be patient with my response to emails.

We're heading to GREECE!

I am so excited! This is actually going to be a 'relaxing' vacation. What can I do on the island of Santorini for five whole days? I guess I'll have to lounge on the beach! :P

Here's a quick itinerary of our trip:

The first part of the vacation will be a bit ambitious ~ driving from one end of Crete to the other. Flying in to Chania, Crete ~ here's a picture of the old Venetian Harbor

Driving to the western most part of Crete ~ Falassrna, Kissamos

Heading east to the capital of Crete ~ Heraklion

Then ferry to the island of Santorini for five blissful days

Next up, Paros, the 'poor man's Mykonos'

And finally ending the trip in Athens

I can't wait! I will make sure to drink lots of white wine, eat lots and lots of lamb, honey & yogurt, calamari, and anything else I can get my hands on. AND I promise to come back with a full report (unlike last year's China trip).

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