Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ing & David

I don' think I ever met a nicer couple. Ing is an accountant and currently going to school to be a pastry chef at the well-known California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena. How amazing is that?! She's very sweet and soft spoken. During our initial meeting, I think David (the groom) talked more about what they wanted for their wedding! =) It's always a nice surprise when a groom decides to meet during the beginning. Usually, I meet the groom late in the game ~ at rehearsal. So coming to the coordinator meeting with his sweet fiancée already says a lot about David. He's very outgoing and direct, almost the opposite of Ing. But like I always said, opposites attract, Ing and David balance each other out making them a perfect couple. I can't wait to work with them on their wedding!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Not your typical flower

Daisy always bring a smile . It's something you give to brighten someone's day. It's not a common flower brides use for their wedding. But I have just such a bride. Here are some pictures she use for inspiration.

Daisy favor boxes

For daisy cookie favors and daisy cake, click here.

Adorable candy favors

Balloon decorations has a bad rap...look at these adorable daisy balloons. You can learn to make them on Martha Stewart by clicking here.

Or these huge DIY daisy centerpieces

I'm sure everyone seen this list:

Baby's breath = Everlasting love
Bachelor's button = Celibacy, delicacy
Calla lily = Magnificent beauty
Carnation (pink) = Woman's love
Carnation = Pure love
Cornflower = Delicacy
Crocus = Cheerfulness
Daisy = Innocence
Dogwood = Duration
Fern = Magic
Forget-me-not = Remember me
Freesia = Innocence
Fuchsia = Confiding love
Geranium = True friendship
Hellebore = Calming
Hyacinth = Sport and play
Iris = I have a message for you
Ivy = Friendship
Jasmine (pink) = I attach myself to you
Jasmine (white) = Amiability
Lady's mantle = Comfort
Lilac = First emotions of love
Lily-of-the-valley = Return of happiness
Mint = Virtue
Myrtle = Love
Oak leaf = Bravery
Orchid = You're in my thoughts
Peony = Bashful
Peppermint = Warmth of feeling
Primrose = Youth
Ranunculus = Radiant with charms
Rose (white) = I am worthy of you
Rose = Love
Rosemary = Remembrance
Snowdrop = Hope
Sweet pea = Delicate pleasures
Sweet violet = Modesty
Sweet William = Sensitivity
Tulip (pink) = Caring
Tulip (variegated) = Beautiful eyes
Tulip = Declaration of love
Violet (blue) = Faithfulness

Different flowers have different meaning to everyone. I think the important thing is not having to go with what's expected, but what makes sense to you. It's your day!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Can I borrow the bling?

I often thought about this concept and with the power of Google found a few companies (if not all providing wedding bling). If celebrities can borrow bling...why can't a bride? Adorn Brides is just this company! They have been mentioned on Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and In Style Weddings. That's some fabulous press and not many people have heard about them. It must be a East Coast thing. =)

Look at this beautiful pearl bracelet the company offers - all yours for the day for $290

A couple other companies are also available, such as: ~ primary costume jewelry with three membership plans ranging from $29.95 - $99.95 a month ~ originally for designer handbags, the company added jewelry rental in 2006. The company is also a three membership plans ranging from $9.95 - $5 a month

This little beauty is only $60 for the week ~ also features three membership plan starting at $29.95 - $49.95 and the borrower can rent for as long as they want

No matter if a bride is adorn in jewels or bare except for the dress, a bride is always beautiful on her wedding day.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

2nd Anniversary festivities

Like I mentioned before, I really wanted something low key (saving up the dough for our trip in Nov). I gave hubs very specific instructions on buying a 'cotton' gift. He thought he was so smart and paying attention to things that I talk about (BIG surprise). We watched Oprah just the other day about Vera Wang's new line Simply Vera. I mentioned some of the tops would be really appropriate for wedding coordination. So dear boy that he is, went and tackle the crowd at Kohl's. There wasn't much left (or so he says) but he was able to grab a white top (size 14, he said it'll look good big, un huh). I have to give him credit though, just by him listening to me was gift enough. =) Here's a picture of the top.

Well...for hubs' present. I kind of cheated. I know we weren't suppose to get anything extravagant and I really don't think my gift is that extravagant. But the funny part was I wanted him to think it was something else. So I placed cotton boxers in the tie box. He opened the box and started laughing, saying I wasn't kidding when I said nothing extravagant. And as he was pulling aside the boxers, the ties were wrapped in tissue at the bottom. He continued to giggle and open the tissue, fully expecting more boxers, and there they were. Two ties for our 2nd year anniversary (and since the ties were probably silk, I HAD to get cotton boxers to qualify). I love the patter on the Charvet tie and can you see the little butterflies on the Ferragamo? And of course they're P I N K!

Here are the ties in the tie box without the tissue. Hubs was also thrown off when he first saw the box. I love how I tricked him into thinking 1) I cheated because of the fancy box 2) no I didn't when he saw the boxers 3) I kind of did when he finally saw the ties.

I placed the boxers on top to hide it

Missing one boxer, yes he's already using his 'gift'

And as I'm taking pictures, my baby had to nose around. Here he is with his BIG nose. Isn't he cute?!

And as promise, here are some pictures of our 2nd anniversary dinner. We went to my favorite restaurant (that happens to be just down the street from us) Bistro K. We didn't realize but they just changed owners. The menu is much smaller and I'm sorry to say, the entree wasn't as good. I'm kind of sad one of my favorite french bistro is no longer the same. Boo.

For appetizer we ordered the foie gras with peaches. It was big thick juicy slice of foie gras. Since hubs isn't a big fan, I ate almost the whole thing all by myself. =)

Then we had the escargot, which was very garlicky and buttery. Yum.

For our entrees, I had the duck with lentils. Duck was okay, the lentils was good. But how can you cook lentils wrong?

Hubs had the lamb chops with couscous. The lamb was good but the couscous was mushy and not very flavorful.

And not like before where dessert is usually order with the entrees (since it takes a good hour to prepare). Under new management, they brought out a display platter. We settled for the tiramisu. It's different, not much cream and more like cookie. I wouldn't say I like it better than the traditional type.

Bistro K is right next to the Fremont Centre Theatre. You meet an assortment of characters while you dine out in the patio. One time as I was dining with some coworkers, a man offered to recite a poem for us. Not to be rude, we agreed. When he started the first verse of The Highwayman, I snickered and watched my coworkers not knowing they were in for a 20min poem! The man was good though. He performed the poem and not just recited. However, when he offered to do another one (Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe), we thanked him nicely but refused.

All in all it was a wonderful day. Hubs was especially sweet. After dinner we took our babies out for a nice long walk. I had to work off the bottle of wine I polished off during dinner somehow.

Benefits of being a faithful blog stalker!

Guess what I saw today?! A couple of familiar faces in the blogs that I stalked.

I been dying to see pictures of Gary & Mary's wedding. Gary and Mary's wedding was at Mary's parents' house in San Marino, CA. All I could imagine was the movie Father of the Bride ~ intimate, touching, beautiful backyard wedding. Good thing I'm a photographer blog stalker. I was rewarded today (for the hours I spend reading blogs)! The pictures are taken by Marisa Holmes.

The handsome groom and the beautiful bride

They look so sweet and happy together

Details of the dress, shoe, and bouquet (Century City Flower Market)

Ceremony setup

My favorite color ~ P I N K !

These pictures are from the second shooter Brian Khang

They look so sweet as they watch their slide show

And they had the infamous RED CHEESE Photobooth!

The second couple Cat and Tim are actually friends of hubs. They use to party together a lot in college. They were married at LA River Center and their photographer (one of my favorites) was Apertura (also the photographer for Miss Eggplant in Weddingbee). Look at their amazing work!

Only these fabulous photogs can make taking pictures under a overpass look artistic

I love these cups...they come in different colors

Tim getting ready with his brother

Hsi-Lai Temple Monks' blessing

These photographs are AMAZING

The grand entrance ~ swaying in unison to 'Apache' as they were introduced

What a beautiful cake! I love the dots!

First dance ~ Dancing with the they come

And Cat got the party started

What a treat to stumble across these ~ beautiful photos of beautiful people. I feel as if Christmas came early. Lucky lucky me! =)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nita & Nat's Wedding (part one)

I'm sure I'll be getting much prettier pictures from Nita's professional photog Michael Norwood. But for now, you guys are stuck with what hubs was able to snap. =)

The day started off with a traditional Thai ceremony where three monks blessed Nita & Nat for a long and happy marriage. Then it was off to the Cerritos Sheraton where the girls got beautify by the famous Sherry of On Location Beauty. After making sure the girls are settled, I dashed off to Los Coyotes Country Club to make sure everything is going according to plan.

The floral design by Lindy at Commerce Flowers was fantastic. Lindy really prefected Nita's vision of pink fantasy. The arch was breathtaking and the centerpieces were ginormous! During reception, I had guests from the country club peaking in and asked if those balls of flowers were real! =)

Brady from Propsfx came early with his crew to set up the lighting. We had floodlights around the ballroom, intelligent lights, party lights, custom gobo, and 4-6 lights outside in the terrace. Everything looked amazing! The intelligent lights were glittering and shimmering on the ceiling during dinner and once the party got started, it was glazing the dance floor creating a very loungy feel. And the lighting outside on the terrace extended the ballroom.

Nita and Nat's wedding was very touching. From their 'first look' where Nat pulled out tissue when Nita started tearing, to their very sweet personalized vows, to the Best man and Maid of Honor serenading the couple during their toasts, their wedding couldn't have been more prefect. I am so honored to be a part of their day.

Here are the flowers getting delivered

They were huge!

Nita wanted shades of pink ~ blush, pink, fuchsia

White orchids with pink center decorated the cylinders

Isn't this arch amazing?! Lindy specially ordered the fabric to match

Nita's DIY fan programs

Gift table decoration - orchids tucked behind green pebbles and ribbon wrapped votives. Also a generous sprinkle of petals.

Good picture of the centerpieces completed. Notice Nita's DIY table number and once again, ribbon wrapped votives. All that's left to finish the table was petals.

To create a different vibe during cocktail, Nita opted for lime green table linen. The table was decorated with green ribbon wrapped votives and personalized coasters & napkins.

DIY placecards ~ green for filet mignon, pink for halibut, and white for vegetarian.

Toss bouquet ~ still missing the cake. Vera Wang cake cutting set and Waterford toasting flutes.

Nita and her fabulous bridesmaid (and a few groomsmen) wrapped the candy apple two nights prior.

Beautiful branch display greeted the guests as they entered.

Here's the cake! Decorated with ribbon and brooches.

This is how the room looked with the lighting. See the shimmering lights on the ceiling? You can also see the flood lights outside on the terrace through the windows.

The arch was moved inside behind the sweetheart table. It was a perfect backdrop to take pictures.

All of Nita's vendors were top notch. Michael from MNorwood photography presented a slideshow on his Mac towards the end of the evening. It was amazing to see photos from your wedding during your wedding! And the photos were already touched up! Another neat idea of Michael's was to present his couples with an engraved video iPod filled with pictures they can take with them on their honeymoon. Amazing!
And not to be outdone, Dirk from Studio West stayed late to finish the 'same day edit' as a surprise to the wedding couple. Nita & Nat were amazed and all the guests were treated to glimpse of the video taped from earlier in the day.'re the BOMB! Here's the link to Dirk's blog to view the video.

Nita and Nat, I wish you two the best life has to offer. You two are the best!