Friday, September 7, 2007

Nita & Nat

I thought it might be interesting for you (yeah...all one of you) to meet some of my wedding couples. Introducing Nita and Nat! They are college sweethearts and while on a romantic trip to Maui...Nat proposed. How sweet is that?! You guys need to take note! =) Nita and Nat are the sweetest couple. I love how relax they are. Wedding can be stressful, but not for these two! For all the decisions such as chosing colors to songs, they'll looked sweetly at each other while they discussed and giggled. This couple couldn't be more perfect for each other. I can't wait to see all the DIY project this talented bride has made. I love their engagement photos by the very talented Michael Norwood. It looks like a Banana Republic Ad! Amazing work and I know it's going to be an even more amazin wedding.

Here are some of her projects:

Save the's so cute! I love the dandelion pattern!


Placecards with color crystals for meal selections

Table numbers

Card cage

And here is her'll be in her colors of course!

I can't wait for their wedding. Stay tune for pictures of the actual event!

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Blue Orchid Designs said...

also love the dandelion pattern! too cute! :)