Monday, September 3, 2007

Day at IKEA

Every time I go to Ikea...I'm surprise at how many things they have that can be use for weddings. It's been a while since I last been there and the store is expanding! Now there's a whole sink and refrigerator department! And the quality of stuff they have keeps improving. Ikea is a goliath we need to pay attention to.

The day started off with some items I needed to return which leads me to my Public Service Announcement: Ikea no longer accepts return or exchanges without receipt. After begging and cajoling the staff, they finally made an exception. They can return unopened items up to $50/person (I forget if it's once a year or once in a lifetime). So with hubs and me, we were able to unload $100, and the only items left was a white lamp and a wheelbarrow for the yard (don't ask me why I have a wheelbarrow).

So now I present you with the following goodies/ideas:

Many chandelier...ranging from the $39-$79

Silver bucket that can be use during ceremony...pew decorations

Tons and tons of candy jars for candy buffets

Bad picture but simple white vase for a simple centerpiece

Frosted lamps can also be use for centerpieces

This is a candelabra but imagine it glazed with crystals or spray painted to your color/design...very cute and affordable

Different height candle holders to add to any centerpiece or act as the main attraction...sprinkle some petals and gems at the base...DONE!

These look like mosaic glass...set of 5 for $5.99!

Last but not least...Ikea sells this tape/sticker thing for glass desk and window panels. I think this might be a cool idea to throw patterns onto walls, etc

Oh how I love my iPhone!

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