Thursday, September 13, 2007

Need a basket

What a busy, busy week. I have a wedding right around the corner, a bride getting nervous because her wedding's next month, and another out of town bride flying in for vendor meetings. No time to post. Well...maybe just a short post. =)

I usually make a gift basket to leave in the wedding suite. I'll fill it with snacks in case the couple's hungry after a long night. Or if they're leaving on their honeymoon, I'll include treats to eat on the plane. Most of the time I try to put things they like: something to drink such as wine, champagne, sparkling sodas, usually some sort of sweets like chocolate, cookies or crackers, and nuts. But for the first time, I purchased the basket from Bristol Farms. I knew I didn't have time. It's a nice basket and I hope the couple enjoys it.

Here it is: pistachio, vanilla root beer, cherry limeade soda, gummy bears, jelly beans, cheese and crackers.

And since I saw flowers...couldn't resist taking a few pictures.
Pin cushions...aren't they adorable?!

Vibrant colors

And as always, we headed for food. I tried Phoenix restaurant when it first came out and I thought it was okay. Then I see it 'springing up' everywhere and had no idea why. Hubs and I were heading for some Taiwanese icee but saw all the people in Phoenix so we thought we'll give it another try. And it was GOOD!

Fresh fruit and small tapioca drink

My jasmine jelly...with chinese herbs. Yummy and pretty!

Wonton noodle

Curry flavor stir fry noodle

And lucky me, I have a Phoenix restaurant right across the street from work.

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