Monday, September 10, 2007

Liam's 1st Birthday!

Over the weekend, I went to my friend's baby birthday party. It was nice to see everyone from school again. It's been a while and with everyone's busy schedule, it's been hard to meet up. Whenever we send out Evites, it's at least two months before the event to give everyone a heads up. Crazy I know!

My friend and his wife have the most well behaved baby. Liam's not only adorable but he's SO good! When we arrived, Liam's mommy told us the baby might be fussy because he didn't take a nap. But not once through the whole night did he even cry. Liam just looks at you with his big round eyes and if you stare long enough, he'll break out into a smile!

We started the night out with Korean BBQ. The food was catered from Corner Place. I eat at the Koreatown location a lot. The restaurant has the BEST lan-mei (cold noodle). My friend wasn't too excited since they cater from there frequently. We were lucky he didn't try something new because the food was delicious.

As I was eating, I saw this money hanging on a pomegranate tree. It's a piƱata for the kiddies.

Here is the happy family right after the toll.

I thought this was a funny picture. It looks like 'Hey, I caught one!'

The first birthday party is a very important celebration in Korean families. In the past, the infant mortality rate was very high, so living until one year was an important turning point in a child’s life. The highlight of the first birthday, or toll, celebration is the ‘picking-up’ ceremony, when the child is believed to fortell his or her future. Thread for long life, pencil the child is destined to be a scholar, money the child will be in business, etc, etc. It's a fun celebration with all the guests telling the baby to pick up different things. the picture shows, little Liam will be like Daddy and do great in school.

Here are the kids practicing their swing.'s raining candies!

Do you notice any striking similaities?

Picture of our MBA group

It was nice to see everybody. I can't believe how fast time pass. Wasn't it just yesterday I was munching seaweed in class and giggling randomly? And the good friend sitting next to me is playing scrabble on the computer with my other good friend sitting a few rows infront. Oh Liam's daddy wouldn't know...because he hardly ever shows up to class besides coming in to ace the finals! =P

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