Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nita & Nat's Wedding (part one)

I'm sure I'll be getting much prettier pictures from Nita's professional photog Michael Norwood. But for now, you guys are stuck with what hubs was able to snap. =)

The day started off with a traditional Thai ceremony where three monks blessed Nita & Nat for a long and happy marriage. Then it was off to the Cerritos Sheraton where the girls got beautify by the famous Sherry of On Location Beauty. After making sure the girls are settled, I dashed off to Los Coyotes Country Club to make sure everything is going according to plan.

The floral design by Lindy at Commerce Flowers was fantastic. Lindy really prefected Nita's vision of pink fantasy. The arch was breathtaking and the centerpieces were ginormous! During reception, I had guests from the country club peaking in and asked if those balls of flowers were real! =)

Brady from Propsfx came early with his crew to set up the lighting. We had floodlights around the ballroom, intelligent lights, party lights, custom gobo, and 4-6 lights outside in the terrace. Everything looked amazing! The intelligent lights were glittering and shimmering on the ceiling during dinner and once the party got started, it was glazing the dance floor creating a very loungy feel. And the lighting outside on the terrace extended the ballroom.

Nita and Nat's wedding was very touching. From their 'first look' where Nat pulled out tissue when Nita started tearing, to their very sweet personalized vows, to the Best man and Maid of Honor serenading the couple during their toasts, their wedding couldn't have been more prefect. I am so honored to be a part of their day.

Here are the flowers getting delivered

They were huge!

Nita wanted shades of pink ~ blush, pink, fuchsia

White orchids with pink center decorated the cylinders

Isn't this arch amazing?! Lindy specially ordered the fabric to match

Nita's DIY fan programs

Gift table decoration - orchids tucked behind green pebbles and ribbon wrapped votives. Also a generous sprinkle of petals.

Good picture of the centerpieces completed. Notice Nita's DIY table number and once again, ribbon wrapped votives. All that's left to finish the table was petals.

To create a different vibe during cocktail, Nita opted for lime green table linen. The table was decorated with green ribbon wrapped votives and personalized coasters & napkins.

DIY placecards ~ green for filet mignon, pink for halibut, and white for vegetarian.

Toss bouquet ~ still missing the cake. Vera Wang cake cutting set and Waterford toasting flutes.

Nita and her fabulous bridesmaid (and a few groomsmen) wrapped the candy apple two nights prior.

Beautiful branch display greeted the guests as they entered.

Here's the cake! Decorated with ribbon and brooches.

This is how the room looked with the lighting. See the shimmering lights on the ceiling? You can also see the flood lights outside on the terrace through the windows.

The arch was moved inside behind the sweetheart table. It was a perfect backdrop to take pictures.

All of Nita's vendors were top notch. Michael from MNorwood photography presented a slideshow on his Mac towards the end of the evening. It was amazing to see photos from your wedding during your wedding! And the photos were already touched up! Another neat idea of Michael's was to present his couples with an engraved video iPod filled with pictures they can take with them on their honeymoon. Amazing!
And not to be outdone, Dirk from Studio West stayed late to finish the 'same day edit' as a surprise to the wedding couple. Nita & Nat were amazed and all the guests were treated to glimpse of the video taped from earlier in the day.'re the BOMB! Here's the link to Dirk's blog to view the video.

Nita and Nat, I wish you two the best life has to offer. You two are the best!

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Michael Norwood said...

Hey Echo it was AWESOME working with you. Congrats on the anniversary too!