Friday, September 21, 2007

Can I borrow the bling?

I often thought about this concept and with the power of Google found a few companies (if not all providing wedding bling). If celebrities can borrow bling...why can't a bride? Adorn Brides is just this company! They have been mentioned on Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and In Style Weddings. That's some fabulous press and not many people have heard about them. It must be a East Coast thing. =)

Look at this beautiful pearl bracelet the company offers - all yours for the day for $290

A couple other companies are also available, such as: ~ primary costume jewelry with three membership plans ranging from $29.95 - $99.95 a month ~ originally for designer handbags, the company added jewelry rental in 2006. The company is also a three membership plans ranging from $9.95 - $5 a month

This little beauty is only $60 for the week ~ also features three membership plan starting at $29.95 - $49.95 and the borrower can rent for as long as they want

No matter if a bride is adorn in jewels or bare except for the dress, a bride is always beautiful on her wedding day.


Susan said...

hi echo!! ^^
guess what i just found out through reading your blog? you were nita's wedding planner. she's my xanga blog buddy. we are always like, hey venue twin!! i don't know her in real life but it's so funny how you also did her wedding.

*btw, i finally got the wedding proofs in the hi-resolution files. i will resize them to the size u need to use in your website. what dimensions do you ned them in?*

P I N K said...

hi susan! what a small world! how are you? i can't wait for your pictures. i don't think you need to resize them, i just need jpeg files no larger than 2 mb. you had a great wedding! i can't wait to post your pics on my site! =)

Anonymous said...

Another website that rents designer bling for men and women is My husband and I rented jewelry and watches for our wedding. Check it out.

grillz said...
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