Thursday, September 20, 2007

2nd Anniversary festivities

Like I mentioned before, I really wanted something low key (saving up the dough for our trip in Nov). I gave hubs very specific instructions on buying a 'cotton' gift. He thought he was so smart and paying attention to things that I talk about (BIG surprise). We watched Oprah just the other day about Vera Wang's new line Simply Vera. I mentioned some of the tops would be really appropriate for wedding coordination. So dear boy that he is, went and tackle the crowd at Kohl's. There wasn't much left (or so he says) but he was able to grab a white top (size 14, he said it'll look good big, un huh). I have to give him credit though, just by him listening to me was gift enough. =) Here's a picture of the top.

Well...for hubs' present. I kind of cheated. I know we weren't suppose to get anything extravagant and I really don't think my gift is that extravagant. But the funny part was I wanted him to think it was something else. So I placed cotton boxers in the tie box. He opened the box and started laughing, saying I wasn't kidding when I said nothing extravagant. And as he was pulling aside the boxers, the ties were wrapped in tissue at the bottom. He continued to giggle and open the tissue, fully expecting more boxers, and there they were. Two ties for our 2nd year anniversary (and since the ties were probably silk, I HAD to get cotton boxers to qualify). I love the patter on the Charvet tie and can you see the little butterflies on the Ferragamo? And of course they're P I N K!

Here are the ties in the tie box without the tissue. Hubs was also thrown off when he first saw the box. I love how I tricked him into thinking 1) I cheated because of the fancy box 2) no I didn't when he saw the boxers 3) I kind of did when he finally saw the ties.

I placed the boxers on top to hide it

Missing one boxer, yes he's already using his 'gift'

And as I'm taking pictures, my baby had to nose around. Here he is with his BIG nose. Isn't he cute?!

And as promise, here are some pictures of our 2nd anniversary dinner. We went to my favorite restaurant (that happens to be just down the street from us) Bistro K. We didn't realize but they just changed owners. The menu is much smaller and I'm sorry to say, the entree wasn't as good. I'm kind of sad one of my favorite french bistro is no longer the same. Boo.

For appetizer we ordered the foie gras with peaches. It was big thick juicy slice of foie gras. Since hubs isn't a big fan, I ate almost the whole thing all by myself. =)

Then we had the escargot, which was very garlicky and buttery. Yum.

For our entrees, I had the duck with lentils. Duck was okay, the lentils was good. But how can you cook lentils wrong?

Hubs had the lamb chops with couscous. The lamb was good but the couscous was mushy and not very flavorful.

And not like before where dessert is usually order with the entrees (since it takes a good hour to prepare). Under new management, they brought out a display platter. We settled for the tiramisu. It's different, not much cream and more like cookie. I wouldn't say I like it better than the traditional type.

Bistro K is right next to the Fremont Centre Theatre. You meet an assortment of characters while you dine out in the patio. One time as I was dining with some coworkers, a man offered to recite a poem for us. Not to be rude, we agreed. When he started the first verse of The Highwayman, I snickered and watched my coworkers not knowing they were in for a 20min poem! The man was good though. He performed the poem and not just recited. However, when he offered to do another one (Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe), we thanked him nicely but refused.

All in all it was a wonderful day. Hubs was especially sweet. After dinner we took our babies out for a nice long walk. I had to work off the bottle of wine I polished off during dinner somehow.

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