Tuesday, September 4, 2007

China Trip 2004

I dug these pictures out because someone is getting marry and need group pictures of our China Trip. And since I uploaded them...here they are for y'all to see.

These pictures are from our MBA school trip to Shanghai 2004. The school trip itself was for a week but a group of us decided to stay additional week and head to Beijing. The week in Shanghai was spent visiting companies, thus we didn't do much sightseeing. Most of the pictures are from sites in Beijing such as the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and Temple of Heaven. Oh, and these pictures are scanned (thus the bad quality). I guess we were so old school none of us had a digital camera. Yes, we used pagers instead of cellphones in high school and only started using email in college. Gosh I'm OLD!

Funny story: Students to Shanghai were grouped into A & B. Everyone visited companies according to the Group A or B schedule. As you can imagine, the day came to visit Reeb Beer and that particular group had too many people to fit the bus. I have no shame in admitting, I was not suppose to be on the bus. But did I get up when the professor asked people to leave (that wasn't in the group)...NOPE. I was looking forward to it the WHOLE week. And I knew all the other little sneaks that wasn't suppose to be on the bus. SO HA...I win. =)

Shanghai - Reeb Brewing

Clowning around - I guess they got bored taking the traditional pics

Girls at the Forbidden City

Forbidden City

Summer Palace

Summer Palace

Temple of Heaven

Rented costumes...isn't she too cute?

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