Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More sample centerpieces...

I love sample centerpieces...they give you a glimpse of what's to come.

The first one was created by Dodie Sy of Brassavolas Floral Couture. Isn't it gorgeous?! The reception room is going to be draped with satin brown linen, soft amber lighting, and intermittent tall and short centerpieces.

Here's a close up of the flowers. They're such VIBRANT shades of pink and orange.

The second sample centerpiece is the creation of the talented Kate from Kate Baker Floral Design. I have heard about her and seen many of her creations and am so happy I finally get to work with her. This brides is also going with satin brown linen but her colors are shades of bring pink to light pink. This arrangement is made with pink hydrangeas, roses, spray roses, pink dahlias, green berries, snap dragons and more! I love the delicate calla lilies in the vase. Kate is going to 'shape' the callas so it curves a bit more.

I can't wait...both these weddings are right around the corner!

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