Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Briana & David ~ Engagement

From our first meeting at a cozy coffee shop in Pasadena, I knew I was going to have fun helping Briana and David plan their big day. Briana with her welcoming smile and sweet personality (and we're both DOG people!), I'm really going to miss our 'status meetings' and text messaging.

With their wedding day fast's a look back through the lens of their talented photographer Marlin Munoz.

Briana and her ELECTRIC BLUE pumps and David not wanting to be outshone...his cherry red Chevy! A little birdie told me David spent more hours polishing the car then getting ready for the shoot! :)

I love Briana's expression in this one! She's just SO CUTE!

Ahh...the symbolism in this photo...

There was a few more sexier shots that you can check out at Marlin's blog...didn't want to steam up your computer screen. :P

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