Monday, January 5, 2009

Angel & Jonathan's Wedding

The first time I met Angel and Jon at the local Coffee Bean, and they began describing their wedding vision, I WAS EXCITED ~ the unique and mysterious venue (The Houdini Estate), ceremony by a enchanting well, follow by the reception in the gardens. Angel wanted all the luxury of a ballroom but in a garden setting. I was up for the challenge and I am so happy how everything turn out. Angel & Jon's wedding was truly a memorable event! Thanks to Emi from Evoke Photography for all the beautiful images!

Angel's custom made gown was gorgeous! Layers and layers of tulle ~ she looked like she was floating on a cloud.

Here are her fabulous bridesmaids in their cute PJs helping her dress.

I love the beautiful portrait of the lovely Angel

Christine Saunders from The Spiraled Stem was the genius behind all the beautiful floral. Even though the setting is garden-like, Angel wanted clean and modern lines throughout. Christine was able to stick to the blue and yellow pallet of Angel & Jon's Alma mater, and added a little pink throughout. Christine used tulips and mini callas, for clean lines and added hydrangeas to the bridesmaids' bouquet to soften the look.

To include their Chinese heritage, Angel and Jon had a friend designed a logo which was the combination of their Chinese last names. It was featured on their wedding website, invites, photobooth pictures, etc (not a good picture but their logo is on the stamp). Angel also attached a Chinese double happiness charm to their invites.

First look ~ so cute and sweet!

The estate was filled bridges, stone paths, waterfall...all perfect photo-opt locations!
Here's a great view of the ceremony (and the enchanting well) from the steps leading up to the helipad on the estate.

The centerpieces were trio of graduated-height tall glass vases with alternating pink (cymbidium orchids) and yellow (mini callas) color schemes.

Another amazing detail was their cake from Susina Bakery. The pastry chef delivered the cake and literally built the cake as the guests were enjoying their meal. I love the plexiglas and the glowing votives beneath the cake. Adorning the cake was custom made cake topper of Angel and Jon's Wii characters (the pastry chef had to build a stand within the cake to hold the 2lb weight!)

Here's a view as the sun was setting ~ pin-spots, color washes against the trees, string lanterns, gold chiavari chairs, beautiful blue satin linen...I think Angel's vision of elegance was perfectly executed.

Cute photobooth picture of the happy couple! You can see their unique logo a little better on the bottom.
Angel and Jon, I had a wonderful time working with you in planning your wedding. We had some challenges (the logistic of the venue was crazy! One way in, one way out ~ with the team of vendors we needed, it took a lot of coordinating!) but I think in the end, that's what made your wedding spectacular!

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