Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vacation Recap Part 2 ~ Santorini, Greece

Warning ~ long post!

Leaving Crete in the FlyCat 4 ~ smaller than the ferries and takes half the time.

After a STEEP drive from the harbor, we arrived at our apartment. We stayed in Firastefani which is quieter than the main town of Fira.

Walkway behind our apartment ~ one short walk from Fira.

Santorini's famous caldera view (cable cars down to the old harbor)

Old paddle boat left on the roof but look at the view ~it really is breathtaking!

A short bus trip to Oia we arrived at the main church square.

Santorini's famous blue domed churches

Ammoundi Bay in Oia - I read on a travel book that there's a little path on the bottom that lead to a swimming hole where you can swing to an island with a church

So after hiking down 200+ steps (which I told hubby was better than the 600 steps from Fira down to the old harbor)

We sat down and had lunch - grilled fish, fried tomatoes, Greek salad, and of course, white wine

I found the path and there's the 'island' - there was a scene from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 shot here! And since I was 'planning' on swimming to the island, I was so glad there were other people about. I know if the area was empty, no way the hubs would let me.

So the story goes, I swam to the island (the water was cold but comfortable). Not being familiar with swimming against waves, I was pretty tired. I couldn't pull myself over the edge of the embankment. After struggling for what felt like forever, another adventurous soul came by and pulled me up (so embarrassing!). I took a quick look around the church (and noticed too late if I had just swam a little further, there were steps leading up) and dive back into the water. Being tired as I was, I swam pretty close to the island, which was a HUGE mistake. I scrapped my knee against rocks and was jabbed by a sea urchin. I climbed atop a flat rock bed and proceed to pulled the sea urchin 'needles' out. My rescuer from earlier even called out as he swam by if I was okay! I was mortified!

And as I'm battling my way back, here's hubs sitting nice and relax dipping his feet. :P

Finally, we enjoyed the famous Oia sunset that keeps the tourists flocking.

We dined at Vanilia (amazing fish soup) and took a picture of the church next door

Kamari (black sand) Beach

The weather was amazing! You rent a umbrella and a couple chairs for 5EU. There were also travelling masseuse on hand!

Love the different color and architecture of the houses! So cute and quaint!

We also visited a few wineries - Santos and Domaine Sigalas. I'm not one for white wine but Santorini wines are unique. The island is covered with lava and pumice stone from the devastating volcanic explosion (1650BC). This catastrophe (and limited water supply) created the foundation for perfect soil conditions which produced the very distinctive Santorini wines.

The vines are cultivated in low basket shaped crowns, close to the ground for protection from the strong winds.

Domaine Sigalas

One of our most memorable meals was at Selene ~ great food with a beautiful view and an attentive staff, we couldn't have ask for more.

Hubs in the glowing light

Final morning we bused back to Oia to drink in its beauty one last time...

Next stop - Paros, the poor man's Mykonos!

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