Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Teiko & Frank's Wedding

Hi Everyone!
Sorry for my blogging hiatus! This year has just gone by way too quick. Since I last blogged, I've squeeze in quiet a few weddings (including the wedding of very serious redhead FBI agent from the show '24!!!!'), vacationed in Spain, and now we're days before Christmas and the end of 2009! What a year it's been!

I seriously didn't think I'll be blogging till Jan (you know, New Year resolution and all that...) but this sweet couple had me coming out of hiding early. :P

Teiko and Frank are amazing. When it was predicted 70% rain on their wedding day, at a venue where everything was planned for the outdoors, they embrace the unexpected and their wedding turned out to be one of my favorite of all time. How amazing is it with the wet and cold winter storm brewing outside and the wedding took place in the toasty Villa del Sol d'Oro? The whole indoor space was decked out in beautiful lighting and hundreds & hundreds of romantic candles engulfing the whole villa with delicious smells of figs, citrus, jasmine, and roses. You know how rain heighten certain smells? Well the rain really 'heightened' the emotions of the day. It was a beautiful and very sentimental wedding and I felt honor to witness these two amazing people tying the knot.

The following are video stills I 'stole' from their wonderful cinematographer Daniel Boswell. Head over to see the amazing cinema reale clip on his blog!

What spectacular light...Teiko looked so soft and glowing!

Classic picture captured as the couple looked out into the rainy forest

A very touching moment, seconds before father and daughter walk down the aisle, Teiko's dad lower her veil...

Teiko's adorable 90+ year old grandma travelled all the way from Asia to be present for the wedding!

One of my favorite snapshot of the day. Teiko's expressions is so sweet, so full of love...

I can't wait to see more from their photographer of the day, Jonathan Moore. I was able to have a few sneak peeks from their hilarious and fun loving 2nd photog Susanica Tam. Take a look at the wedding through her lens!

I hope you enjoy the eye candy. Wishing everyone out there a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a healthy and prosperous 2010!!!

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