Friday, May 23, 2008

First Gocco project!

After hearing all the raves about the Gocco machine ~ I was itching to test it out. I purchased the P11 kit from Norwood Studio. The kit came with the basic colors, extra light bulbs, and extra screens. I took the liberty and also bought the screen cleaner and the carbon pen (I like to sketch and knew the pen would come in handy).

My first project was to create a bridal shower invite. I wanted to start simple (didn't want to scare myself on the first attempt). I looked online for design inspiration and finally settled on a simple flower design. After sketching the design and sizing the text on a mock up invite...I was ready (all paper supplies purchased at Paper Source). The text and the pattern was flashed onto one screen (for future use, I can block the text and still use the pattern on note cards, etc). The ink used was Razberry for the pink and wanting a darker brown than what came in the tube, I mixed the basic brown with a little black.

It didn't come out perfect but I was happy with the result. I wanted something hand made and not necessarily perfect, not hot off the professional press (well that's what I keep telling myself anyways). After rounding the corners here's the result! I also printed the flower pattern onto the brown envelops and used textured pink paper for the envelop liner. Sorry the pictures are so dark but you get the idea!

Close up of the envelop ~

I'll have to find another reason to use the Gocco soon!

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