Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tasting at the Intercontinental Los Angeles

One word to describe the food at this hotel ~ SPECTACULAR! I had the pleasure of attending a food tasting at the Intercontinental Los Angeles - Century City. We had a variety of food choices and I came out of the meeting with a full tummy and a very satisfied palate.

First off the appetizers:
This is the vegetable strudel with baby spinach, ratatouille, chive, herb, ricotta in beef jus. Very delicate and flaky and perfect to start the evening with.

I'm not a big fan of ravioli, unless it's really good ravioli. This butternut squash fit that bill. The skin wasn't too thick and the sweetness of the butternut was a surprise. Included in the dish was toasted pine nut and fried sage. Such an aromatic dish...

We tried two salads but the dishes was devoured prior to me getting a chance to take a photo. The catering manager presented a second dish since the first dish was a little flat (still taste wonderful though). This is the arugula greens, feta cheese, pine nuts, and lemon vinaigrette (I think you can tell now I LOVE pine nuts).

Now on to the Entrees:
First up, brioche & cranberry stuffed chicken. This dish was amazing! The meat was moist and the cranberries were a burst of flavor with every bite.

Also very yummy, chicken breast stuffed with prosciutto.

Filet mignon with roasted beef state tomatoes.

Pan seared filet mignon with Japanese pumpkin ravioli. Nothing against the filet, but the other dishes out shined this wedding staple.

On to the fish...
White wine poached Chilean sea bass with braised artichoke.

Saving the best for last, herb crusted halibut with polenta cake. Hands down, no comparison. This was the BEST dish. And look at the display, doesn't it just make your tummy grumble?

I hope you enjoy this food post. I for one am sure looking forward to this wedding! :D

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