Friday, November 2, 2007 we come!

I am so excited ~ a real vacation! It's for sure because we BOUGHT the tickets! I know, I know...not like I haven't taken one recently. WELL, it has been a while. I went to visit my sister and her twins Jan 2007. So it's been almost ONE year. And visiting to me isn't really vacation. Last real vacation was to Europe (Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Munich) June 2006. I was hoping for Spain this year but it'll have to wait...we'll probably go next Sept for MIL's 60th birthday.

Anyways, on to gush about my vacation. We are heading to southern China, Yunnan province. Hubs family are from there and to hear him talk, that is his 'motherland' and proud of it. I mean seriously, every person we meet from China, he will ask: 'What province are you from. I'm from Yunnan.' AS IF...the dude's never even been there! I'm glad he's proud and I'm happy we're finally visiting. It's been a long time coming.

We will be flying in through Hong Kong and landing in Kunming. Kunming is the capital city of Yunnan province. It has a long history and was the ancient gateway of the famed silk rode. Today Kunming is the heartbeat of Yunnan province, enjoying a reputation as one of Chinas’ most picturesque cites as well as being the most popular tourist destination in southwestern China. Like other major cities in China, Kunming combines an ancient and proud tradition with the dynamism of being a modern metropolis. ~tripadvisor

The weather I heard is much like here. I guess the exact location across the globe will be about northern Mexico. There are about 25 ethnic minorities in Kunming, and the city is celebrated as 'City of Eternal Spring.' It's well known for it's diverse cultures and breath-taking natural scenery (hubs' afraid it's going to be like Yosemite). I'm hoping we get to see the major attractions like the Shilin (Stone Forest), Xishan (West Hill), Grand Park, Black Dragon Pool and much more! Kunming is also famous for it's bit part in history. China's lifeline to the outside world ~ Burma Road ~ had one of its terminals at Kunming.

Lugu Lake

Shilin (Stone Forest) is a maze of grey limestone towers. A walkway let you wander around the rock formations. Nearby villages are inhabited by the Sani tribes people who sell handcraft and act as tour guides. The location of Shilin has once been covered by the ocean. When the ocean pulled back erosion has been shaping the stones to the impressive “forest” it is now.

Tour guides dress in traditional Sani outfits at Shilin

I'm expecting to see lots of different ethnicity, clothing, traditions...

This is the canal that runs through the city

Huating Temple in the West Hills area

We'll be in China for about 10 days and before heading back to US, we will stop in Taiwan for 5 days. Depending on if I'm still angry at my sister, I'll go visit her. Arghhh...I can sure hold a grudge. BUT...I won't let that damper my spirits. I'm going on VACATION!

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