Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sarah & SirvTee Engagement Pictures (part 2)

More amazing pictures from Sarah & SirvTee! These pictures are from their 'casual' engagement shoot. There is one of Sarah in her second hanbok and I just LOVE the color. She look amazing (thanks the the uber talented Joyce Luck). After all these practice on their photo shoots ~ Sarah and SirvTee are going to be SPECTACULAR on their wedding day! All photos by Studio One.

The colors in this photo is just amazing. I love how vibrant Sarah hanbok is against the soft pink background.

The color added in this b&w photo is totally cool. I've seen where photogs add color just to the lips or flowers, etc and it always look a little cheesy to me. But this...this is GOOD.

Cloudy gray days make for great photos...look how the blue pop!

One of my favorite photo of the sweet couple.

It's a little over a week left before their BIG day. I am super excited for Sarah & SirvTee!

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