Sunday, November 4, 2007

On Dal 2: It's all about the crab‏

On Friday night, I was able to convince some of my friends to check out this restaurant with me. It's located in Crenshaw, not the safest location, but after reading the glowing report from LA times and had other friends that actually patroned the restaurant; I was really looking forward to dinner.

This is their famous crab hot pot. We ordered the largest pot with 5 crab shells, thin bean sprout, bell cap mushrooms, and other stuff. Hehehe...I only eat, I don't cook. Due to friends weaker than myself, the pot was only 'small' spice. It was amazing even at mild, the pot was pretty spicy.

The service was impeccable. They had a wait staff cut the crabs so the tender meat is easily accessible. As you can see, they also divied up the crab shells. And yes, there was a scoop of rice in the shell with the broth.

We also ordered the pasta to try. The server brought a small round dough which she stretch and pulled until it's thin then teared them into small pieces to be cooked in the broth. I actually took a picture of the end result but my bowl was kind of 'not very clean' so I'll leave it to your imagination. The pasta was chewy but not as good as I hoped.

For the men in our party, we ordered the braised beef since seafood wasn't enough. This dish was mostly tomato based (where our crab pot was more the Korean hot paste) and a little sweet.

The last dish was the fried rice. The owner's son cooked it right in front of us. He used some soup from the braised beef pot, rice and his own special seasoning. It was delicious. We also ordered a large seafood pancake that we all ate before I had a chance to take a picture.

All in all, the food wasn't out of the ordinary. The small dishes the restaurant provided was better than most Korean restaurants ~ grilled fish, raw crab legs, small sausages, dried sweet seaweed. The crab hot pot was good but not extraordinary. The braised beef was sweet ~I don't usually like sweet ~ and included chewy rice cakes that I'm sure I ate a ton of. We all agree the seafood pancake and the fried rice was good, but not something we never had before. So will I go back, probably not. But it is worth a try!

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