Friday, August 24, 2007

8 random facts

I saw this on the photographer blogs that I read religiously and thought it might be fun.

Eight things that people may not know about me:

8. I been trying to keep a diary for years. I think the first time I tried was probably in grade school. Longest I kept it up was in junior high (all the misadventure of the nerdy honor student). And last time I tried was in a green leather journal I bought in Vegas for hubs (which he obviously wasn't going to use and I didn't want it going to waste). Till now...

7. I prefer wings to drumsticks. The best part about eating buffalo wings/chicken wings/chicken feet/chicken neck/duck the cartilage, not the meat. Yes call me weird but that's what I like.

6. People would think I eat everything (the little piggy I am) but I come to realize I'm pretty high maintenance when it comes to food. I don't like nuts in my food, I don't like mixing sweet and salty food in the same bowl (never understood peanut butter and jelly...oh and I don't like peanut butter), I like my fruits crisp, banana green, and not too sweet, I don't eat fast food (rarely), I like my steak fairly bloody, I don't like water chestnuts (which I consider nutty), I ONLY like vanilla or coffee ice cream (unless it's sorbet), I don't like chocolate and mint, and finally...everything taste better spicy!

5. Seeing what a good mommy I am to my doggies, I don't think anyone would believe if given the chance, I would prefer never to have dogs. I didn't grow up with pets. I had a white rabbit name Snowball who I starved (unintentional) to death, dried out the two turtles living in the tank (they were hibernating! I didn't know they need water!), buried many goldfishes in little candy cartons...I don't think I should be trusted with anything living. My mom being the anal retensive perfectionist (I know where I get it from) didn't allow dogs to dirty our beautiful white carpet. Thus I never knew the responsibility that came with having a pet. I worry and miss my babies when I travel, my daily conversation with the hubs and parents (when they are watching the babies) are about the dogs, I take walks and go to the park because of the dogs, I want to buy a new house because of the dogs! I love my dogs. They bring me endless joy. I love dogs more than I love kids. It's a lot of work...but the reward is immeasurable.

4. I use to sleep with a teddy bear. I saw it on TV and thought that's what little kids do so I got myself a bear (or ask my parents for one) and slept with it. The bear always ended up on the ground though.

3. I also wanted a BEST friend after reading Anne of Green Gables. I wanted a 'bosom' buddy who I can share all my secrets with (who am I kidding...I don't have secrets). I also use to put my tooth under my pillow for the tooth fairy till I was 10 and last time I wrote to Santa Clause was when I was a sophomore in high school. Can't blame me for dreaming!

2. There was this little girl who use to live below me. Her parents owned a hair salon. I would always go over to play with the nail polish or fake jewelry. We would play imaginary games of butterfly and fairies in the employee rest area. One time, I made her give me all her candy or I wouldn't play with her. She was crying but she gave me every last one of her candy. I wasn't a bully...I gave her candy back. I was just testing her. What a manipulative 5yr old I was!

1. I forgive but never forget. I have a cousin that was mean to me in grade school and we're good friends now (even went to Scotland twice to visit her) but she knows I still remember. =P

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