Saturday, August 18, 2007

O Happy day!

We have a wedding today! Weddings always make me happy. I love everything about weddings. we come!

It's funny I was never the little girl who knew exactly how she wanted her wedding. I assume I would want a big white dress but that's about as far as I got in imagining. I thought more about the actual proposal. I used to drive from downtown LA to Westwood on the 10 fwy. Right b/f you get on the 405 by National, there's a huge billboard to the right of the freeway, almost eye level. I use to think how cute it would be for a guy to propose to his gf on the billboard. Or maybe in a hot air balloon overlooking green valleys. Or in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background. I LOVE Paris. Let's just say my proposal didn't really go that way. Maybe I'll share how it actually happened sometimes in the future. I love my hubs to death and know he had every good intention, but he's not the one for surprises. He can never hold on to a gift too long. Almost every present he ever got me was ripped open the day it was bought. He's a BIG kid...and that's why I love him. =)

I've always been a planner. Every trip (3 days to 3 weeks) I have to plan. I feel you get the most out of the trip that way. I'll read up on the history, the economy, sometimes even about the real estate (hubs love looking at houses). I'll then list all the activities and sites per city. Narrow down to stuff we HAVE to due vs. stuff we can do. Cities are broken down into packages of how to get from the airport to the hotel, hotel contact info, how to get from city to city, all the activities, sites, restaurants, etc. With the amount of people asking for my BIG binder, I should sell my vacation itineraries! =)

So when planning the wedding came along...I was in my prime. I went from marrying in a castle in Scotland, to a mansion in England, to my favorite city in France, to a villa in Italy, and finally Stone Manor in Malibu. I'm slightly disappointed I didn't have my destination wedding, but I still LOVE my wedding. It was different from the usual hotel ballroom, all our friends and family were there to share the day with us, we had good food, good drinks and it was the best day of my life. And even though planning can be stressful (all those DETAILS) but it was also a part of my life I'll never forget. And I want that experience for all the brides out enjoy the planning process and years from now, think back with fond memories.

Here's the castle in Scotland...maybe we can renew our vows there in 10 years...

I can't describe how being a wedding coordinator makes me sooo happy. It's instant gratification (well, almost instant after a year of planning). I feel honor to be a part of something so monumental. People at their best! All the love and emotions floating through the air, it's almost tangible. And to see the hard work we put in through the year come to reality. Nothing feels as good as the expression on a brides' face or a family member thanking you profusely. It humbles me and makes me want to do better.

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