Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Movie: Disturbia

My mind not being very active yesterday, I finished up on a few errands and watched the movie Disturbia on video. It was a pretty good movie; intense and funny at moments. My question is, when did Shia LaBeouf became so popular. He was also the main character in Transformer (another excellent movie by the way). For those (like me) that didn't know who he is, here's a picture:

I do think he's a lucky bastard who got to start in two good movies with two very good-looking girls: Sarah Roemer (Disturbia) and Megan Fox (Transformer).

Upon furthur research, he's been in many movies. He was in Holes, I,Robot, Charlie's Angel: Full Throttle, Dumb and Dumber, Constantine, and many more. Funny how these 'sidekick' characters you don't even notice suddenly becomes main character in major movies. I'm sure he worked his way up and he is pretty good actor. I was just unprepared for him to 'pop up' twice in one summer. It's like Brad Pitt; I didn't even realize he was in Thelma&Lousie until I re-watched the movie looking for him. I just remembered the cowboy that stole their money. You see how closely I pay attention. =)

I also want to post some pictures of my friend's baby who I visited on Sunday. He's only a week old and such a good baby. He slept through dogs barking, people talking, and even during his feeding. And no, it does not make me want one of my own. For now, I'll just visit and play with my friend's baby. Here he is...completely adorable!

I'm not very comfortable!
Who are you and why did you wake me?

Sleeping through burping...
One last pose before you go...

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