Thursday, August 16, 2007

First blog! >o<

Hi! I'm excited to be here recording my daily happenings! I'm not ashamed to admit I been 'stalking' certain blogs for a while and am super excited to be joining in on the fun. It's weird how I know the daily happenings of certain 'blog' people while it's sooo hard to keep up to date with some of my best friends. So here's it goes...your life in P I N K!

Some simple facts about me...I'm a (recent) 31 yr old married to my highschool sweetheart (hope that's not too much cheese). I love reading, traveling, movies, weddings (nope...I haven't moved on to kids yet), arts & craft, singing, dancing, planning, reading...oh wait, I already mentioned that didn't I? My hubby and I love living in LA and truly enjoy the melting pot of culture collected here. We love going out and exploring new restaurants (oh I forgot to mention food up top) and hanging out with our two fur babies (oldie & greenie)...that just remind me, I love the occasional glass of whiskey too! Here they are!!!

Well, as I grow with blogging, my goal is to keep a record of my goings/doings and best of keep in touch with all my loved ones. Here's to this new adventure in the path of life.

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