Monday, August 20, 2007

A Yamashiro Wedding

If you know me, you know how I hate Mondays...especially Monday mornings. So with not much to say since my brain's still asleep, here are some pictures from the wedding on Saturday.

Will recap on all the pros/cons later in the afternoon...

Okay, I'm back. Here's the skinny on the location:
  • On site coordinator was accommodating
  • Main course was pretty decent (staff did pack up extra meals)
  • Wait staff (beside one wanna-be Val Kilmer) was courteous
  • Beautiful view of downtown and hollywood
  • Restaurant is old but feels authentic
  • Twinkle and lanterns light up at nite


  • Restaurant stays open during wedding
  • The middle courtyard was way too crowded (128 guests)
  • The entrance of bridal party was hard, especially for a bride with a puffy dress
  • Very hot even with the mister turned on (vendor table was inside with air conditioning!)
  • Hard to see for most guests since the 'stage' is up front
  • The head table had to be brought out after the first dance (full viewing by guests)
  • Appetizers were not very yummy at all - chicken strips too breaded, skewers too tough, etc

All in all it was a nice wedding. The bride and groom looked happy and although most of the older guests left early (after the meal), most of the younger guests were willing to use the 'stage' for a dance floor (dance competition). Everyone looked like they enjoyed themselves and that's all that's important. =D

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