Thursday, August 16, 2007

First day without the parents

Something I didn't mention last night was we just dropped off hubs parents. My in-laws had been visiting for the past month. It was a month of great food, great company...not to mention they left me a few pounds heavier, a cleaner house, happier dogs, and a possibility of a trip to Spain later this year. Partings are always bitter sweet but hopefully, we'll be meeting again in a few months!

The airport however, was a total nightmare. That'll be the last time we buy tickets first day of off season. It took us nearly 40 mins to get out of the parking garage. Of course hubs thinks it's a ploy to get our extra $5 bucks by not staffing enough parking attendants. Thank my lucky star my cell had reception and was fully charged. I spent my time chatting with Dad planning our Napa outing in Oct for Mom's big 6-0! Plan is to head up Sat, stop by the beach for lunch, reach Napa by night fall, have a nice dinner, hit up a few wineries Sun morning, visit the Aunts and spend the night, and head back home Mon morning...whole family in tow (including the dogs). This is a very big deal to us because we never traveled with dogs, even though our Oldie turns 10 this Dec. The planner in me wants to plan EVERYTHING. I want to find all the dog-friendly establishments...restaurants, hotel, wineries, shops, etc. I know millions of people travel with their pets. I always imagine older retired couples in their RV. I wonder what I got myself into.

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