Friday, October 5, 2007

Brian & Elizabeth

As soon as I met Elizabeth and her mom Vickie, I felt like I already known them. It helped that Vickie wrote a brief email prior to our meeting describing her daughter's wedding and included a link to Elizabeth & Brian's wedding website. I felt privileged and honored they would share their site with me. Reading about how the couple met, their guest comments, seeing pictures of their family and friends, I felt attached.

Elizabeth is as sweet as can be and Vickie is such an amazing mom. During our meeting, we chatted about weddings and florists and caterers and invites...and next thing you know, it's been a couple hours (we did have a snoring man in the corner adding to our amusement)! But usually after the initial meeting, I rarely come out thinking much because I am afraid of disappointments. But I threw caution to the wind and came out of the meeting hoping and wishing they would hire me. I really really like them and wanted to do anything possible to help Elizabeth with her wedding! Thus I am SO excited to say, my wish came true and I will be helping Elizabeth plan her wedding next August!

Here's an adorable picture of the couple that I snatched from their website.

Brian's a pharmacist and Elizabeth is a speech pathologist working with children with autism. They really are an amazing couple!

And here's a picture of Elizabeth with her mom Vickie on the left and Brian's mom to her right. This picture also from their website is taken during Brian & Elizabeth's engagement party.

I really feel lucky to be doing what I'm doing. I love weddings. I love the people that I meet and I love helping them plan their weddings. I'm sure I mentioned this before but it's amazing that people are willing to let me share this milestone in their lives.

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