Monday, October 8, 2007

Candles, candles, and more candles...

Candles are wonderful! I hate to say it (especially since I LOVE special lighting), but candles are a less expensive alternatives to lighting. Lighting can change the mood of a room, but if you don't have the budget for lighting, candles can soften a room and give a beautiful glow. Often times brides would ask me (or mother of the bride would ask me), how many candles should they buy. Or can they mix and match different shapes and sizes of candles? In my opinion, anything goes!

I dug around in my computer looking for good examples. For some reason I expected to have more pictures, oh well, but here are some:

I love votives! There's never too many. You can line a window still...

Candles around the centerpiece or part of the centerpiece

Square votives with square centerpiece

Square vases with floating candles surrounding the cake ~ notice the different heights

centerpiece with circular votives ~ it works

Bridesmaid bouquets in vases ~ use as head table decorations

Basics ~ votives surrounding the cake

Some brides personalize by wrapping ribbons around the votives

Lanterns and Moroccan votives...

Another square centerpiece with round votives

Votives adding light to the guest book table (from knottie ccla)

Beautiful flowers and candles surround the cake ~ designed by Square Root (again from knottie ccla's bio)

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