Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's Hubster's BIRTHDAY today!


We been celebrating birthdays together since 1994 (geesh that made me sound old). Here's to another hundred birthdays I get to celebrate with you! May all your wishes come true (well of course, you have me don't ya)! Love you hon!

So today, since neither of us are working, we're taking it slow and heading out to Santa Monica. There's a burger joint hubs been wanting to try out since reading about it in a magazine. It's call Father's Office. It's a tisey tiny place located on Montana Ave. But most importantly, it has the best burger in the region, if not US! The restaurant has no wait staff and you order directly from the bartender. The owner Sang Yoon is very strict about serving a no nonesense burger; there are so substitutes and your fries don't come with ketchup. Be careful ordering beer though, I believe there are bottles costing hundred of dollars.

Will report back with details and of course pictures!

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