Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Introducing to babies

These two are the love of my life (oh, besides hubs). They are the ones that greet me excitedly when I walk through the door. They wait patiently for me to wake up in the morning before attacking me with their love. As I'm typing away on the computer, they lie on the ground besides my feet. The young one would claw my knee once in a while to remind me that they're both waiting for me, but never rushing me. Every time as I get ready for work, they look at me with their big puppy dog eyes. They bring me immeasurable amount of joy. They fill me with laughter at their childish antics. I never experience such unconditional love as theirs. My cute little babies.

My Maltese oldie has been with me ten years. If I had a kid, he/she would be ten! I never treated him like a dog and he never acted like one. He knows when I'm happy, when I'm joking, when I mean what I say, and when I need an extra pair of ears. Throughout these ten years, I lost him once (grandma left him in the yard too long and he snuck out the fence). That was the worst day of my life. I tear up just remembering the day and I thank God (or whoever above) for giving him back to me. A few months back he gave us a health scare. I know he's getting older but he has quite a few good years left with me. I'm still in search of a house with a HUGE backyard for him.

My baby schnauzer is another story. He really is a dog (if that makes any sense). He's playful, attached, bratty but completely lovable. I forgot what it was like to have a pup. He loves to eat grass and tears them out by the roots. Too bad my backyard is a concrete jungle. Reason why every time he's back at my parents, he thinks their backyard is a buffet. He's usually the one that starts the laughter. I love how he tries to entice his older brother to play with him! He never seems to give up or get tired, but when he does tire, he snores when he sleeps. In the year that we had him, he had weaseled his way not only into my heart, but everyone else's as well (being that my parents initially thought he was related to a rat!).

Well there you are, these two little munchkins are the key to my heart.

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