Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cindy & Kevan's Wedding at Calamigos Ranch

This past Sunday Cindy and Kevan got married at Calamigos Ranch. I met Cindy during orientation for MBA. We ended up being in a group together for the first year of school. We share many fond memories: Cindy teaching us Stats after class (I was able to manage a A all because of her!), birthdays celebrated at karaoke, our group trip to China. Cindy's parents even helped us with accommodations when we went to Beijing for a week following the school trip in Shanghai. And even though Kevan wasn't part of our group, he was an unofficially adopted member who was always goofing around with us in the back of the class. It was inevitable Cindy and Kevan fall in love and get marry!

Side note: Kevan's mom is Erin Gray from Silver Spoon. I never watched the show but heard she was very popular during her days. I don't know what happened to Kevan but Erin was amazingly beautiful (I kid, I kid)! =)

Calamigos Ranch is amazing. As soon as you enter the grounds, the peacefulness sweeps over you. No longer the hustle and bustle of a big city, the woods transport you to a small New England town. The 130-acre expanse can accommodate up to four weddings at one time. However, with each secluded setting, a bride can rest assure to have her own private event. The staffs are very sweet and helpful. The meals are delicious. Calamigos Ranch offers comprehensive packages that are very reasonable. No wonder so many couples get marry here each year!

A bridge leading us into the wedding:

Cindy looked so happy on her wedding day.

Place cards ~ the color leaf denoting meal selection

Here comes the handsome groom

Kevan's half-sister Samantha ~ isn't she gorgeous?

Ring bearer (Kevan's half-brother) and the flower girl. They were so cute! The flower girl forgot to sprinkle petals down the the aisle. But every time someone tried to tell her, she stops right in the middle of the aisle!

Here comes the happy bride!

The arch was amazing~ completely covered with branches and white flowers. It was a beautiful backdrop to the ceremony. Cindy and Kevan laughed and cried through the ceremony.


And they're MARRIED!

Here's Erin Gray and her husband.

Right after the ceremony

Cutie pie ring bearer

Yummy cake

Room set up

Centerpiece ~ green hydrangeas and branches, simple and elegant

Hydrangea centerpiece, bride's bouquet, and the favor of hershey's kisses with personalized tags (Kevan would like to point out he made the tags).

The wedding was wonderful and it was nice to see old school friends again. Cindy and Kevan are currently on their honeymoon in Hawaii (where he also proposed!). I wish you guys the best life has to offer!

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